Video post production is the process of editing, (sound and picture) color correction, effects, titles, and publishing video footage. Benjamin Cohen has worked with all types of different video content. Benjamin has edited short films, music videos, commercials, promo videos, documentaries, and more. He is well versed on story editing, sound editing, and green screen/special effects editing.  

Benjamin prides himself on being a knowledgeable, reasonably priced video editor who can make any footage look great and turn it into a fully composed video with music, effects, titles, and more.

Benjamin can work with any budget, and any video style. He loves to pursue is passion of video editing! 

Picture (footage) editing is the process of reviewing and logging footage, then putting it into a sequence. This work can be done in the studios of Benjamin Cohen Creative or via the Internet. Benjamin collaborates with his clients to lay out the initial sequence. After the initial order and rhythm is in place. Benjamin fine tunes the edit until the client is happy. He then applies color correction, adds music, edits audio and adds titles and effects. Completed projects may be uploaded to the web, added to a website or burned to a DVD. With video a great video editor, you can turn any footage into a masterpiece. 

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