Being found on the web can be hard. There could be millions of people selling the same thing as you, or offering the same service. As a business it’s important to have the proper web elements and channels, in addition to a great looking website. 

The buyer’s journey begins with product awareness, yet in today’s hyper-connected world, merely broadcasting your message across media will not capture the attention of your target market. Consumers are bombarded with marketing messages each time they check their smartphones or log into a social media platform.

An effective online marketing plan will identify your ideal customers, the type of messages that resonate with them and the most efficient way to reach them. Benjamin Cohen Creative can design and develop a marketing strategy for you business that includes:


Brand & Business Identity

Online Marketing Roadmap

Website SEO

Google Business Page Creation

Social Media Channel Creation

Personal Brand Development

Benjamin has been with us since early 2014 and has helped us with our brand development, created a new company website, as well as websites for our apps. He has made videos for our products and has served as a contributor for new ideas on how to improve our apps and technology. Benjamin still helps us out this day serving as "behind the scenes" tech guru website building video making rockstar.

Mike Unetich, TIP Solutions

As a small business owner and someone who is unfamilar with websites and web design, the process of trying to redo my website was giving me anxiety. I didn't know who to contact or where to go for help.. I didn't even know what I needed or wanted. Thank god for Ben.. We sat down and went over all the things that my site needed, and how we wanted it to look. After giving me some great samples to get started from, we started redoing the entire page structure of the site, so that it flowed better and was extremely user friendly. In a matter of no time, I had a site that I was proud of. Ben even showed me how to use it, optimized it for SEO, and is still involved to this day.

Dan Hicks, DHF Lakeview